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  • Press-formed 10/10 galvanised single sheet-metal door
  • Three central 10/10 press-formed omega-shaped reinforcements
  • Brown marble coloured frame in 20/10 steel
  • Steel adjuster on the frame
  • Three fixed bolts on hinged side
  • Adjusttable anti-break-in hinges
  • Two cut-resistant single-pin directional converters
  • Polyethylene seal between door and frame
  • European cylinder lock with four bolts, spring lock and holding system
  • European cylinder with five owner keys and one construction key
  • Anti-drill Defender
  • Automatic draft control bar
  • Brown hinge caps
  • Bronze-coloured handles
  • Wide-angle door viewer
  • Brown door-closing sheet metal
  • “Class 3” Certification

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